Beer Check w/ Leak Sensor Wand


Hand Held Gas Analyzer


Beer Check W/Leak Sensor Wand Hand Held Gas Analyzer



Dimensions;3″W x 6″H x 1.71″D

Weight;12 ounces

Case;Black ABS plastic

Includes;Remote Sensing Wand

Battery;Cylindrical Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Cell: 3.2V 1500 mAh, 8.4A

Measured Concentration Ranges:

CO2 in Nitrogen;0% to 100% CO2

CO2 in Air;0% to 100% CO2

Nitrogen Generator;0% to 100% O2

Operating Temperature;60øF to 122øF

Input Gas Flow Rate;Use a flow rate of 1 LPM (liters per minute) when sampling

Sampling Frequency;Continuous

Vents;Unit vents through the top vent port