Primary Double Gauge – CO2


Premium Series ? Dial knob pressure adjustment, chrome plate finish, nylon inlet seal, nickel plated valve seats, sintered bronze inlet filter


Avoid frothy foamy beer, and get a pristine beer by managing the pressure of your keg with a double gauge co2 regulator. This gauge is part of our premium series, and has?



Type;Primary Regulator – CO2

Installation;CO2 tank mount (CGA-320 threads)

Performance;1 Pressure / 1 Product

Output Pressure Gauge;0-60 PSI, for accurate product pressure

Tank Pressure Gauge;0-3000 PSI, for accurate remaining tank pressure

Capacity;SCFM 3.5 Max

Outlet Barb;3/8″ O.D. (To fit 5/16″ I.D. Gas Hose)

Integral PRV;Safety pressure relief valve releases at 55-65 PSI