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Rod Thompson


14 years


My name is Rod Thompson. I am the owner of The Tap Guys. I started out working for the Cenex/Land O Lakes/Farmland corporation for 20 plus years. Growing up I watched my dad successfully own and manage different business and it made me want to have my own business someday. Four other siblings of mine also own and operate their own businesses, so I guess it just made sense for me to have my own business as well.

I have owned other successful businesses, but they weren’t a passion of mine. I wanted to do something that I was genuinely interested in and I kept coming back to BEER! One day I was visiting with a friend and he mentioned the cleaning aspect of beer lines and that’s all it took. The next day I was researching “Better Tasting BEER”! This is where the name The Tap Guys comes in. I stopped in 3 or 4 bars inquiring who cleaned their beer lines and their answer was always, “I have no idea–the tap guy– you know!” I would always say, “No I don’t know, who it is? You’re telling me you don’t actually know the name of the person that is supposedly cleaning your cash cow (beer lines) or how they are doing it?” Since that’s what everyone was calling their beer cleaner, I decided that’s what I would call my business– The Tap Guys. I knew I would expand my business, so I knew it had to be Guys, not only Guy!

From the very first day that I wanted to make a difference in the draught beer industry, so our slogan is, “Better Tasting Beer Is Our Business.”

My idea of better tasting beer is maintaining customers’ beverage systems the way the breweries want and expect it done, to maintain the quality taste they created to be pristine, until the last drop is consumed. The Tap Guys do not take, nor do I allow, any shortcuts in my company.

We give our customers what they deserve, and that is quality! There is only one way to do things– the right way the first time.


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